The Janesville Jays offense struggled and left multiple runners on base during their home loss against Waterville on Sunday.

“Waterville is a great team. They have a lot of guys that were college ball players on their team and a lot of guys that can hit the ball. The fact we lost 6-0 and 5-0 this year isn’t bad considering we don’t have a single college ball player,” coach Scott Kaminski said.

Andrew Fisel started on the mound for the Jays and the team was down 3-0 through four innings of play while Waterville accumulated six hits through four innings. In the bottom of the fifth, Ross Buttleman singled to center field for the Jays but Sam Eustice flew out and Austin Ellingworth grounded to end the inning.

Waterville had a lead off single in the top of the sixth, and after two more singles following, they were able to score in tow more runs to make the score 5-0.

Marshall Miller kicked things off for Janesville in the bottom of the sixth with a single and Ben Ellingworth was walked after to put runners on first and second, but that was all the Jays could get going after Waterville recorded two quick outs and Chad Guse struck out to end the inning.

It was the same story in the bottom of the seventh as Buttleman hit a single to right field but Janesville was shut down offensively after that. In the bottom of the eighth, Tristan Kroll was able to get on base after a single. Ellingworth had a low line drive that was caught in the infield for an out and then Kroll was thrown out for out for the second out. Miller grounded out at the next at-bat to end the inning.

“We hit the ball alright, but right at some guys,” Kaminski said.

Janesville had a last ditch effort in the bottom of the ninth, where Alex Kjolstad lead off and struck out. Guse was second to bat in the inning and flew out to right field for the second out. Eustice got on base after he was hit by a pitch and that brought up coach Scott Kaminski to the plate. Kaminski struck out to end the game for Janesville which was their second home loss in two days.

Janesville has a two-day break and and will play the Waseca Braves on Wednesday at the Tink Larson Community Field at 7:30 p.m. The Jays’ last regular season home game will be on Saturday at Eagle Lake against the Expos at 3 p.m.

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