Turkey hunting

Blending in your ground blind in advance is a smart strategy. (Photo courtesy of Steve Carney)

There is always a first time for everything!

I have always stayed away from turkey hunting in the spring because it’s my busiest fishing guide time. This month I am going to give turkey hunting a try for the first time. As a novice, here is my strategy.

• Turkeys think like whitetail deer — I observed a ton of turkeys last fall while bow hunting for deer and I noticed their behavior is very similar. They like to travel along wood edges like deer and are most active at sunrise and sunset. Their eyesight is just as good as a deer and they are relatively easy to predict. I am hunting turkeys this month like I was hunting deer.

• Ground blinds — Hunting from a ground blind is not my favorite thing but for turkeys, it fits. I set out two ground blinds recently along travel areas that deer are also using. I have covered them into any foliage I could find and left myself a routine 20-yard shot.

Always put your ground blinds up at least a week ahead of time to allow the critters to get used to seeing it.

• Calling — As a newcomer to turkey hunting, I believe my calling expertise is rather limited so my plan is to call very little.

Many turkeys have been fooled already during the first couple of seasons, so my calling will be brief. You can overcall just like for ducks.

I have avoided turkey hunting previously because I know I would like it and do I really need another outdoor pursuit?

That would be a yes!

Minnesotan Steve Carney is a professional fishing guide and outdoor personality.

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