To the editor:

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted every American to date. When life gets back to any sense of normalcy, we will need strong leadership to rebuild our cities and governments. The actions of the current administration have been woefully ignorant, reckless, and detrimental to Americans. Fortunately, we Minnesotans have had outstanding state leaders who have kept us from facing some of the more horrendous hardships seen in areas of the country.

In this election year, it is imperative that we elect more Democratic leaders like Dan Feehan to help us rebuild and progress forward. We need strong leadership in Washington that represents the people of the country, not big businesses and billionaires. Dan Feehan has proven his abilities as a military veteran, and as an outstanding educator, and he knows what needs to be done to protect our citizens, our state and our country, and to help guide us into the future with promise and encouragement.

I find it very heartening that we have a man of highest integrity, who has devoted his life to public service, to represent our Congressional District, and I fully support Dan Feehan for the US Congress. He listens to his constituents with caring compassion, and he knows what our citizens of southern Minnesota need. Let’s look to the future with hope, and elect Dan Feehan.

Cynthia Shirk


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