A thank you needs to be extended to Waseca County, the City of Waseca, and the Townships of Waseca County. They all contributed a generous amount of their allocated CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) dollars to a useful grant program for Waseca County Businesses and Non-Profits. Almost a million dollars were given to businesses in our county. Waseca County’s program was more inclusive than most other programs in the state. Not only did they ensure that traditionally structured businesses were eligible, but also non-profits, farmers, the self-employed, and even cosmetologists that rent spaces at salons. When I talked to my colleagues around the state at other chambers, they were blown away at how many types of businesses were included in our program.

Over 180 applicants were granted funds in Waseca County. Compliments to the City of Waseca for joining their dollars with the county to make this program even stronger. By their collaboration, they strengthened the entire county. They made the funds stretch further for all the businesses. At the time, they may not have realized, but they helped improve the health of the Waseca County economy. If Janesville, Waldorf, and New Richland are strong, then Waseca is strong, too.

I do not think we have seen this level of direct financial collaboration in Waseca County, ever. The County Commissioners, City Councilors, and Township Boards are serving our communities well during the pandemic. I know this track record of good governance and flexibility, will continue into the future. 

Ann Fitch

Executive Director

Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce

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