Letter to editor:

Over the last two months, I have heard some people say if it wasn't for the golf course, people wouldn't have bought or built homes in Janesville. Granted, that could be one of the reasons but there are many more reasons why, such as: small town living, lower cost of living, close proximity to Mankato, less crime, less traffic, our school system. In my opinion, all of the above statements are contributing factors. Therefore, how can any one person say the golf course is the only reason for people buying or building in Janesville and that the golf course is subsidizing to the city to the tune of $100,000 yearly?

From 2011 thru 2014 the city issued eighteen new building permits. From the years 2015 thru 2018, the city issued eight new building permits which is down 55% from previous four years. In 2018 the golf course budget was $329,300 of which $40,000 came from taxpayers money. In January 2019, the city kicked in yet another $27,900 to subsidize the golf course for the year 2018. Therefore, the city subsidized 20.6% of the golf course budget for the year 2018 and in 2016 the city transferred $2.03 million dollars from three separate funds to balance the golf course books. This was money from accounts that the taxpayers from Janesville paid to the city.

I am not against the golf course. I am opposed to the continuously spending of Janesville residents tax dollars used to subsidize the golf course year after year after year. I know for a fact that this was going on since 2005 because that is when my wife and I moved into town and I began attending City Council meetings.

For the record, the facts stated in this letter to the editor were received from the city office of Janesville which all residents do have access to.

Ron Bruegger


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