Waseca’s Vision 2030 began in 2018 when local leaders decided that this community should either come together and take control of the future rather than passively allow outside factors to determine what Waseca will be in 10, 20, or 30 years.

Since then, folks of Waseca have worked together and answered surveys, participated in round tables, and voiced their opinions to define what success in Waseca should look like. Here is what the participants came up with:

“Waseca is an energetic, wholesome community that welcomes and supports all people in all stages of life. We envision a future that strengthens our regional connections through leadership opportunities, economic development, and investment in high-quality community assets resulting in the creation of a vibrant, dynamic community of the future.”

We have this visioning statement; now we need a community-led, holistic effort, to make the vision a reality. Many things happen every day that lead us to the vision statement above. City council writes resolutions that relate to the statement, businesses open and create opportunity, neighbors connect, and more wonderful things go unnoticed each day. The Vision 2030 team wants to highlight those efforts, to market Waseca as a community full of prosperity, and it strives to inspire the everyday person to help the community in their own way.

We need you to get involved! Vision 2030 has an updated website, a new Facebook page, and a new point person at city hall. We are ready for new ideas and energy. Learn more about how to get involved at wasecavision2030.com.

Sophia Hoiseth is currently serving as a Lead For Minnesota Fellow in Waseca, Minnesota to strengthen our public institutions, revitalize our local community, and cultivate the next bench of transformational civic leaders.

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