To the editor:

I have heard many times that Trump is a businessman not a politician and we needed to elect him to “drain the swamp” of our Federal Government of corruption and special interests. He was going to “Make America Great Again” and speak up for the forgotten working people of this country.

I would recommend all people read books he has had written about himself which include: 1987- Trump-The Art of the Deal, !990-Trump-Surviving at the Top, 1997-Trump-The Art of the Comeback, 2004-Trump-How to get Rich, 2004-Trump- Think Like a Billionaire-Everything you need to know about success, real estate and life.

After reading about his multiply bankruptcies, lawsuits, counter lawsuits and not paying contractors for work done on many of his real estate projects I would not use Trump as an example of a successful businessman. He does seem to believe the bigger the better and his excess does not have a limit.

Here are some of Trump’s quotes about himself. “I get bored easily. My attention span is short and probably my least favorite thing to do is to maintain the status quo. Instead of being content when everything is going fine, I start getting impatient and irritable. For me, you see, the important thing is the getting not the having. Image means a great deal to me. If people don’t associate my name with quality and success I’ve got a serious problem. My main purpose in life is to keep winning and the reason for that is simple, if I don’t win I don’t get to fight the next battle”.

I believe Trump’s 2016 campaign was able to exploit division in the Democratic Party, the distrust of Bill and Hillary Clinton, use of foreign propaganda, racial bias, voter suppression and his outspoken style and promise of change. He won the needed electoral number to be elected President. Ask yourself after almost four years of the Trump presidency is this country and the people in it in a better economic and social condition? This next election I think we need to vote Trump and his unquestioning supporters out of office. We need all eligible people voting and for every vote to count. Please do your part.

Philip Heim


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