To the editor:

I attended the July 13 Janesville council meeting. I brought up the subject of whether the city was going to totally enforce city ordinances or if they were just doing selective enforcement. Their reply was I was just complaining because they sent me a nuisance letter because of the sign I posted in front of my house. They informed me the sign did not meet city sign ordinance. The sign can be found on my Facebook page. When I informed them I had counted 30-plus violations of the ordinance in the town of Janesville, I was told I would have to sign a complaint against the violator. I then asked the city why when they made the ordinance why they refused to enforce it. They said they needed a complaint as they didn’t have the resources to go around town and check out whether the citizens were complying. When I suggested the police could do it while on patrol their reply was the police have better things to do. I then suggested having the city employees doing the checking of violations I was informed they want the citizens of Janesville to RAT out their neighbors. Who passed the ordinances? But of course the city. Therefore shouldn’t it be the responsibility of the city to locate the violators and pursue the appropriate action.

The money they have spent subsidizing the golf since 1998, $2.2 million taxpayers dollars, they could hire someone from out of town to do the job and keep peace among Janesville citizens. Don’t worry citizens of Janesville because I will not give out any addresses to the city. I will not be the bad guy. Also while at the meeting I told the city they were in violation of the weed ordinance. I was told I would have to come back the next day and file a complaint. What did I just do but file a complaint. Apparently if you disagree with the city about the golf course they will reciprocate. My original sign “Keep the police defund the golf course” was the same size and was up for over two weeks and nothing said. When I put up the sign that’s on my Facebook page which is the same size it only took them two days to mail me my violation letter. What happened to freedom of speech? Isn't this a violation of that freedom? I feel this is another infringement of the rights of the people.

Ron Bruegger


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