The 2021-22 school year is coming to a close, with just a few more weeks remaining before we head off for summer break. This has been a school year that has challenged teachers and students, as well as families, but also has provided numerous opportunities to celebrate and enjoy being in school and with friends. It is hard to believe that it was only last fall that we were starting this school year still unsure about quarantine measures, hoping we didn’t run into staffing shortages, and things still not 100% open in many communities. With most of those concerns shifting to something we have to be aware of rather than a daily occurrence, the last few months of the school year have felt even more normal for staff and students.

Throughout this pandemic, our staff, students, and families have had to make adjustments and continue to adapt to serve our community in the best way we possibly could. And although everything was not perfect, there are many successes to celebrate and our students have continued to learn and grow. Your support as a community has helped tremendously as we’ve worked to keep moving forward.

On that note, I will make my comments short for this month, and just say thank you to the Waseca community, to our staff, students and families, and any other who have supported us over the last two school years. We truly do see a bright future for our school district and our students, and your support has helped us to maintain that vision. Our mission is to empower all learners to thrive in an ever-changing world. The last two years have include some bumps, but in general we have had the opportunity to deliver on our mission and prepare students for what they may experience in their lives. Thank you again for your continued collaboration, and I hope everyone has a wonderful spring and transition into summer!

Eric Hudspith is the superintendent for the Waseca Public School District. He can be reached at

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