A historic piece of Waterville history will soon be brought back into service for the community.

Grant Pope

Grant Pope, one of the owners of We Buy Houses Southern Minnesota, hopes for construction to be complete in September on the new 1888 Apartments.


We Buy Houses Southern Minnesota has been working to bring the old Union Hotel in Waterville back to life by transforming it into five apartments. (Photo courtesy of We Buy Houses Southern Minnesota)

New framing

Pope said one thing they’ve needed to do is reframe a lot and add new infrastructure, so that they building is safe for tenants. (Ethan Becker photos/southernminn.com)

Ethan Becker is a reporter for the Waseca County News. Reach him at (507) 333-3133. Find him on Twitter @Ethan_BeckerWCN or @WasecaNews.

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