After nearly 48 straight hours of carving, ice sculptors Joe Christianson and Adam Scholljegerdes took home the People’s Choice Award from the St. Paul Winter Carnival ice sculpting contest.

“The theme was Ice Age: The Hunted,” Scholljegerdes said. “You could look at the sculpture in two ways — the tiger is hunting the caveman or the caveman is hunting the tiger.

According to Scholljegerdes, this was their first time participating in the 48-hour event. Christianson and Scholljegerdes, along with two other carvers from St. Paul, built the sculpture.

On Sunday, Christianson and his son, Pete, sculpted a fish and Scholljegerdes and Alexa Christianson sculpted a giraffe for the single-block event.

“It’s actually a block and one half,” Scholljegerdes said. “Some people use the half block as a base, but you don’t have to.”

Christianson and Scholljegerdes will begin building their ice sculpture for the 63rd annual Sleigh and Cutter Festival in Waseca on Wednesday evening.

“We will probably stack all day on Thursday, and Friday will be the big carving day,” Scholljegerdes said. “People will be able to interact with the sculpture again this year and it will be completed in time for the parade on Saturday.”

Reach reporter Marianne Carlson at 837-5451, or follow her on @mariannewcn.

Reach reporter Marianne Carlson at 837-5451, or follow her on @mariannewcn.

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