Too many candidates means a primary election is needed in the District 5 Waseca County commissioner special election.

Four candidates have filed for the Waseca County commissioner in District 5 position meaning there will be a primary election on Aug. 13. After the primary election, only two candidates will move on to the Nov. 5 special election to replace former Commissioner Dan Kuhns, who left his seat on the Board of Commissioners in March after taking a position in the Waseca County Auditor’s Office. Kuhns had served as a commissioner since 2007; he had been re-elected to the seat in November.

The winner of the special election will fill out the remainder of the term through 2022. The fifth district of Waseca County includes St. Mary and Wilton townships and a small part of Waseca.

Brad Krause, Jon Miller, Kevin Nelson and Audra Veroeven all filed to run for the vacant position.

The winner of the special election will fill out the remainder of the term through 2022. Miller is active in the Waseca community and currently serves on the Economic Development Authority.

“I’m running because I see the vision that a lot of Waseca officials have for Waseca and I want to be a part of that,” Miller said. “I’ve lived here all my life and the community is great.”

Miller spoke of many ideas he has if elected into the position, including around the city of Waseca.

“I want to draw business to Waseca County,” he said. “Being on the EDA gives me a first look at what comes into town. I think promoting the land south of town is important.”

Countywide, he spoke about maintaining the recycling facility, helping the Sheriff’s Office get a better storage facility, working on mental health facilities, a trail from Waseca to Albert Lea, promoting 4-H, moving forward on solar farms, subsidizing hemp harms in the area, keeping business local, finishing the Veteran’s Memorial, keeping B.E.S.T. Vision 2030 going, enabling Farmamerica, and focusing on the community’s children.

Veroeven ran against Kuhns in the last election, where Kuhns came in with 512 votes to Veroven’s 387. This time when she ran, she wasn’t so sure she was going to.

“The first time I ran, because I felt there were so many things that were done the same; it was time for something different,” Veroeven said. “At first, I didn’t really know if I wanted to run again, because there’s a lot of rumors as far as what’s been happening, but again, I was kind of hoping I could make a little bit of a difference. I think there’s a lot of the good ole boys club here. Things in Waseca have been run the same, because they’ve been run the same.”

If she were to be elected she has ideas of what she would like to improve in Waseca County.

“I was hoping that if … I could help the county, we could lure some of the population and industry back, not just Waseca either, Waseca county, Waldorf, New Richland, Janesville,” Veroeven said. “That was one of things, too, that when I was talking to people, one of the areas I was looking at, not only that we need to grow our population back, but increase our tax base. We increase our tax base, we’re doing better to help our kids and other areas in Waseca … there’s always room for new ideas.”

Krause has another take on what is happening in District 5 and what he would like to see happen.

“Well I’m just looking to serve the people in our district to represent them well,” Krause said. “I feel I have the capability of doing that and have the experience, because I’ve worked in the farming community, I’ve worked through the farm service industry and I’ve worked with the county on different things and I’ve worked with the township out here as far as road maintenance for 20 plus years … I have the trucking business, as well, so I know how to deal with people. I just feel there is a need to better represent the people in District 5 than what has been in the past.”

If Krause were to be elected, he says he’d aim to keep things simple and effective.

“I have no agenda as far as what I would like to do.” Krause said. “My agenda would be to concentrate on the items that are in front of us first; I would like to see a more efficient and effective way to do things conservatively. I see a lot of inefficiency and ineffectiveness that has been going on and being in the world that I live in, the trucking and farming industry, I think I can bring a lot of experience to the table as far as matters at hanvd, that sort of thing.”

Candidate Nelson could not be reached for comment ahead of publication of this article.

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