Recovery is the focus for Waseca Officer Arik Matson and his family. He continues to work hard to make improvements and strides each day after being shot in the head while on duty in January.

Matson was reportedly shot by Tyler Robert Janovsky, 37, of Waseca when responding to suspicious activity at a home.

Recently his eight-month recovery hit a setback when he suffered two grand mal seizures, according to a Caringbridge journal entry on Sept. 6 by his wife Megan Matson.

He was taken from the rehabilitation center to the nearest hospital by ambulance on Aug. 9. He spent 24 hours in the hospital and was put on a large dose of Keppra anti-seizure medicine.

Once he was back at the rehabilitation center, Matson quarantined in his room for 14 days since he left the facility, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for COVID-19.

In the Caringbridge journal entry his wife shared that a main side effect of having a traumatic brain injury is seizures. These are the only two that Matson has had since his injury and he will be on anti-seizure medications for the rest of his life.

While Matson was in the hospital and quarantined for the 14 days he lost out on his physical and occupational therapy sessions. While at the recovery center Matson is generally doing one hour of physical therapy/occupational therapy a day. Along with the therapy sessions he is walking between 500 to 1,500 feet a day according to the journal entry.

The journal entry also spoke on his other conditions that are improving due to some assistance.

Matson received an ankle-calf support brace for his left leg. This is to help stabilize his weakened ankle so it won’t turn in or give out anymore while walking. This is something he is recommended to wear every day.

While at the rehabilitation center he is staying active and doing things he enjoys. Megan wrote that he enjoys biking on the adaptive bike around the pond with a staff member as well as shooting archery at the range. He also enjoys attending comedy night and movie night at the center with other residents.

An added bonus is grilling out once a week with a staff member to change up his meals.

Recently Matson celebrated his 33rd birthday and he was able to celebrate with his wife Megan in-person along with getting birthday wishes from friends, family and supporters all day long.

In the journal entry Megan shared a comment from Matson.

“I’m working hard to get home,” Matson said on Caringbridge. “It’s been a lot of work. I miss my girls. Good luck next Sunday Vikings kick Green Bay’s butt.”

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