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Dan and Kim Rux are the 2019 grand marshals for the 32nd Waseca Marching Classic. (Bailey Grubish/Waseca County News) 

WASECA — The Waseca Marching Classic will have two deserving grand marshals. 

Dan and Kim Rux are used to working behind the scenes during the Waseca Marching Classic and marching band season, but this year they will be in the spotlight as the grand marshals of the Marching Classic.

The grand marshals are chosen because they have contributed to the band for numerous years and that is why Dan and Kim were honored this year. 

"They are so deserving, both Dan and Kim for being our grand marshals for 2019. They truly have never said no when they were asked to be of assistance,” Mary Williams said.

They were sent a letter from the Waseca Marching Classic committee explaining that they have been chosen as the grand marshals of the Marching Classic.

Surprised is how Dan and Kim described themselves, who are usually behind the scenes working, when they found out about being chosen as the grand marshals. Dan added that they’re excited now about being honored in the parade and throughout the day.

“It was a good feeling to be recognized for all that we’ve done,” Kim said.

Kim has been volunteering with the band for about 12 years and Dan has been volunteering for about 11 years. They started volunteering because their kids were involved in marching band. 

They have each worked in a variety of ways with the band.

Kim was the president, vice president and treasurer along with being on the uniform crew. Dan has been a part of the trailer crew, which consists of loading and unloading the equipment and prop crew.

Some of these roles are more involved with the kids than others.

Kim was able to meet and interact with a lot of the kids when she was working on the uniform crew.

"Terry (Stahl, 2018 grand marshal) and I used to be called 'mom' all the time," Kim said. "It started out as a joke about band mom and then all of a sudden all these kids were calling us mom. It was kind of a cool feeling because kids trust us and we get to know them." 

Dan was always helping out, but interacted with the kids less often. He mainly worked with other volunteers and the front line of the marching band. Though he was further behind the scenes he was still able to make connections with the students.

They have both been hosts for the bands who come for the Marching Classic.

For this role they are a guide for the band they are assigned. They may have to get them instruments or parts for instruments along with showing them around town.

“We both like to volunteer,” Kim said. “We both like to do stuff…”

Along with the actual shows and competitions they have both been able to volunteer as chaperones for the band trips.

They like to volunteer doing anything they can to help the marching band.

Since their last child graduated and in the last year they have taken a step back from volunteering with the marching band to give other parents the opportunity to volunteer.

“I have no regrets,” Dan said of his time with the marching band. “None, zero.”

“Some of the best memories that I’ll probably ever have, especially since we all got to do it together and watch the kids grow,” Kim said of her time volunteering for the marching band. “We’ve made a lot of good friends through this.”

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