WASECA — Waseca native Jackie Krause received the Exchange Club Book of Golden Deeds award at the Waseca community awards banquet recently.

Krause is the owner of Golden Touch Salon in Waseca where she has been a hairdresser for 44 years along with spending her time volunteering.

This award is given by the Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce each year to recognize a dedicated volunteer who gives his or her time and talents toward making the community a better place to live.

“I was thinking there are more people who do more for this than me. Why are you picking me?” Krause said of her reaction to the award. “You’re very humbled by that. It was a great honor.”

She recalls growing up she was taught to help the neighbor if they needed it. She credits helping neighbors as her first introduction to volunteering and what led her to do more of it throughout her life.

“Jackie has volunteered for so many things in Waseca, from the Humane Society to the Relay for Life to her church, and I know that there’s many more people and causes she helps with on her own that no one ever hears about,” Angie Kaelberer said. “She never wants credit for what she does or to be in the spotlight, but we are so lucky to have her in our community.”

Her main involvements are with St. John Lutheran Church in Waseca, Relay for Life and the Humane Society.

At St. John Lutheran church she was a Sunday school teacher for 35 years before stepping away. She continues to be active in the church through the choir sextets group, baking communion bread and video recording once a month.

Another volunteer opportunity Krause got involved in is Relay for Life.

In 2004 Krause was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, which is how she started volunteering with Relay for life. She shared that she started out making the luminaria bags before eventually helping plan the entire relay.

Recently her cancer has returned and she is going through chemotherapy, but she plans to still volunteer to make some of the luminary bags for the event because it is important to her.

“I do a window up here (at the salon). I have the space to do it,” Krause said of her display. “It’s important because we need to raise money to find a cure for this disease because it affects every family just about.”

The Humane Society in Waseca is her other main volunteer passion.

She started volunteering with the Humane Society because of an abundance of stray cats that used to be around town. A group of them would trap the cats, get them fixed and then place them with farmers or in homes to help clean-up the town. Krause said there are still strays around but this effort helped clean-up the town as the effort is continued through the organization.

Once she started helping with the organization she got even more involved.

Krause will take an emergency foster cat if it is needed and she also helps with fundraising for the Humane Society.

“To me it’s a rewarding experience and to some people they can’t relish the thought of giving the animal up,” Krause said. “I know how they screen everybody and they approve everybody before they are allowed to take an animal, so I know they’re going to a good home, you can’t keep them all.”

Through volunteering with the Humane Society Krause shared she has made some of her closest friends and one friend who even drives her to chemotherapy when needed.

At the 2018 Community Awards the Waseca County Humane Society received the Community Development award. Krause was a part of this group as well.

She has spent her life in Waseca building a business and volunteering to help better the community. Through her involvement she has been able to see the Waseca community for what it truly has to offer.

“I think the Waseca community is very welcoming and tries to do what they can,” Krause said. “They had a benefit for me for my cancer last year and they had 400 people come. Talk about humbling and overwhelming but that’s what Waseca does. Step it up for Officer Matson, Officer Langer, just somebody with cancer. This town just rallies around it and does what they can do. This is a great town to live in and I don’t know that I would want to live anywhere else.”

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