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Magician Michael Madden performs for an audience at Trinity Lutheran school gymnasium. (Photos by Bailey Grubish/Waseca County News)

Kids were able to escape the heat with a magic show Tuesday.

The Janesville Public Library hosted Magician Michael Madden at the Trinity Lutheran gymnasium. While Madden was performing, the room was filled with laughter from an audience of all ages.

“I enjoy seeing the look on their faces and excitement during the show,” Madden said.

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Kids laugh and cheer as magician Michael Madden performs magic tricks.

He performed a variety of tricks for the crowd to enjoy.

“I thought he was excellent, captivating,” Janesville Public Library Branch Manager Sharon Tlusty said.

One of the tricks at the beginning of the show was a long handkerchief being pulled from his mouth by a volunteer. The hanky went on and on and on as the kid pulled but eventually ran out.

“The best part was when all the red stuff (handkerchiefs) came out of his mouth,” a child in the audience said.

Madden performed more classic tricks such as card tricks, golden rings that he sticks together and pulling a pigeon out. He brought a volunteer up to help with multiple illusions.

“Doing the magic trick was my favorite part,” volunteer and child Caylee Blasing said.

Blasing helped with “the most dangerous card trick” where she had to pick a card, show the audience and then place it back in the deck. Madden then pulled out a balloon that Blasing had to pop and when she did inside was her card.

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Caylee Blasing in shock after popping a balloon and seeing her card she picked. (Bailey Grubish/Waseca County News)

For the golden rings trick he had a volunteer who was asked to inspect the rings for cracks or holes. When the volunteer was asked if there were any she said no and Madden then connected all of the rings as if there was a hole.

The crowd was in shock as he attached the rings and detached the rings.

magic 4

Madden showing the kids what he calls the golden ring trick.

When the kids were helping with the tricks or the crowd was involved as a whole, there were certain magic words they were told to say. They were told to say “Abracadabra” but the phrase they used the most was “Reading is magic” when a trick was performed.

The final trick for the grand finale involved a rabbit and another volunteer to help out. The disappearing bunny mystery was the finale that involved placing a bunny in a box, waving the wand, saying “Reading is magic” to make the bunny disappear.

When the volunteer was handed the wand it broke and this continued for three or four more times until finally he was able to say the magic phrase.

magic 5

During the grand finale Madden hands the helper a wand to say the magic works but instead it bends. (Bailey Grubish/Waseca County News)

When the box was taken apart the bunny was gone and the crowd began to question where it could have gone. When the show was over Madden showed the crowd filled with kids the bunny up close.

“I liked it, he was funny and he knows his stuff for sure,” library staff member Shirley Borneke said.

Throughout the show, Madden detailed to the crowd how he performs some of his tricks. He encouraged the crowd if they wanted to learn more to go to the library and read a book on magic, just like he did when he was 12 years old.

He calls the library “a window to the world.”

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