WASECA — Waseca County Administrator Jessica Beyer has ccepted a new position as Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer.

Beyer will take over in her new position Nov. 4, after serving Waseca County the last 2½ years, and serving in county government since 2006.

“I am excited. It’s just bittersweet,” Beyer said of accepting the new position. “I’m just trying to leave the county in the best possible place and make sure I’m getting things like the budget wrapped up as much as possible. It’ll definitely be different. It still feels like a dream.”

Time with Waseca County

Beyer has been the Waseca County Administrator since 2017 and she said she loves the work she does.

“Jessica is a great leader with a strong work ethic,” Waseca County Auditor-Treasurer Tammy Spooner said. “In her time here, she has done many things to move Waseca County forward. Jessica brought a very professional style of leadership to the county, but always led heart-first by truly caring about every citizen, every employee and her work. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jessica. She will be truly missed both professionally and personally.”

Through the years Beyer has been with Waseca County she has seen numerous projects accomplished and has recently helped with several. She was a member of the new Veterans Memorial Committee along with working on the 2020 budget and assisting with the new Waseca County Public Health and Human Services building.

“Well, hands down we have an incredible team here I really enjoy working with, not only the boards and department heads but all staff,” Beyer said. “I think in county government people really invest in what they do to help people and there’s really not a greater mission than that and so I’m going to miss the people and the community. Waseca, New Richland, Waldorf, Janesville, everyone has been really open to work with me and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as a county administrator…”

She mentioned that the county has a foundation and they’re taking things to another level in Waseca. Beyer continued to say that there are a lot of plans in progress where things will be seen through and the board has a commitment to the plans. She has been able to make some legislative impact and get some facility things done. There is organizational work, community work, legislative work and budget work being done and she feels that the variety of work they have been able to get some key things done and things will continue to move forward that she has worked on over the next few years.

“Things are going well and I’m proud to be part of that because everything happens as a team,” Beyer said. “I mean I’d love to be here to see things continue, what we’ve done the groundwork for, but I know that it will continue and that gives me great satisfaction.”

Brian Harguth, Waseca County Board of Commissioners Chair noted the appreciation of the board for the outgoing administrator.

“Jessica Beyer has done a lot for this county, under her direction, Waseca County is stronger today than it was three years ago,” Harguth said. “There was a need within the county for the leadership Beyer provided. Myself becoming a commissioner just prior to Beyer joining Waseca County, she helped me learn the day to day operations of the county administrator position. It will be a tremendous loss to Waseca County, she has been a fantastic administrator. Beyer is well-liked by the county board and under her guidance the county is currently moving in a forward direction. Beyer has provided great leadership, our county would not be in the shape it’s in without her as administrator.”

Prior to her work as Waseca County Administrator she worked for Blue Earth County for 11 years in various positions. She also has business experience through her work in the publishing industry.

New position

The position with Greater Mankato Growth is a unique unexpected opportunity that Beyer is excited to begin in November as the President and Chief Executive Officer.

“I think there is a great team in place there (Greater Mankato Growth) as well and the organization’s been through a lot and I think it’s honoring the legacy of Jonathan Zierdt, who was the leader, but also there’s a lot of potential in serving the community and the region and relationships are key to me, vital,” Beyer said. “So I think that with some of my experience and some of my skills and expertise that I’m bringing to the table and relationships that I’ve developed and for many years I was very involved, involved in regional activities, but involved in the Mankato community and kind of re-cultivating those relationships and building upon those. Just working on strengthening and taking things wherever they go. It’s an exciting time because there’s a lot of potential.”

She went on to say that working with members of the community and businesses they can attract and create jobs and livability among other things that she will figure out as she learns the new position.

Beyer has been involved in the Mankato community for many years.

In Mankato she has volunteered and served on the boards of the Mankato Area Foundation, Blue Earth County Historical Society and the Greater Mankato Area United Way. She has also completed the Blandin Community Leadership Program, the Greater Mankato Leadership Institute and the Elizabeth Kearney Women’s Leadership Program.

“I always want to be a resource because county government has always been a passion of mine and we just have incredible department heads, incredible staff,” Beyer said. “The board is really thoughtful in their decision making and we’ve got a lot of good people here on the team. This wasn’t part of my plan I really like it here and I wanted to stay, but this opportunity kind of came to me and it really was a difficult decision for me. I love the work here and I love the people here and everything but this was a decision on what I believe is best for my family and it was kind of a rare and unique opportunity.”

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