Blooming Grove Township

Blooming Grove Township like several others within Waseca County have used CARES Act funds to prepare for the upcoming election. Townships have purchased more voting booths and cleaning supplies. (Nick Gerhardt/Waseca County News)

It didn’t take long for some townships in Waseca County to find a good use for the funds they received through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.

With the Nov. 3 election approaching, townships have tapped the federal CARES money they received to enhance sanitation efforts as voters take to the polls.

Woodville Township received around $30,000 in CARES Act money, according to Supervisor Rodney Born, and put some of that money toward six new voting booths to bring the township’s total to 10.

Woodville Township also bought plastic tables that are easier to sanitize and clean. Meanwhile, the township has worked to clean up the facility by hiring a contractor for some painting.

Over in Blooming Grove Township, supervisors have revamped five voting booths by adding Plexiglas shielding to them.

Blooming Grove received around $13,500 in CARES Act money and has between $8,000 to $9,000 committed to projects. Other projects include fixing the entrance to the township building so it’s easier to enter.

“We revamped the layout inside the Town Hall to increase flow and accessibility for all people so we can try to be as safe as possible for everybody,” Supervisor Todd Selvik said.

During the primary elections, townships received sanitizing products from the county and those that did will continue to use them for the general election.

Others, like Wilton Township will add supplies and have a professional cleaning company come in to clean the building prior to the election.

Wilton Township is adding a shield in front of its election judges and the judges will sanitize voting booths after a person votes, said Chairman Lester Kroeger.

Wilton Township received around $8,800 in CARES Act funds and used some of that money to purchase a new laptop computer for its clerk.

CARES Act money must be spent by Nov. 15 or it gets returned to Waseca County. The county has until Dec. 30 to spend funds from the CARES Act.

Waseca County received $2.2 million and if all cities and townships applied, the figure moved to $3 million.

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