A Janesville woman is facing felony charges after she allegedly forged a court order from the Waseca County Courthouse in an attempt to gain more parenting rights.

Margaret Ann Frank, 30, was charged Wednesday with one count of violating a restraining order and one count of forgery, both felony offenses.

According to the criminal complaint, the Janesville Police Department was notified of a possible harassment restraining order violation on Feb. 4. The victim said they had an active harassment restraining order against Frank, but that they had been receiving text messages from her since early January that alluded to a letter sent from the Waseca County Courthouse giving her more parenting rights.

On Jan. 8, the victim said they received a letter from the Waseca County Courthouse that “did not seem right,” according to court documents. The letter was a single sheet of paper folded in thirds and taped shut. It had been sent through the mail without an envelope. When the victim contacted the courthouse about the letter, they were told no court orders had been sent out. The victim told officers that Frank continually asked about the letter.

According to Janesville police, Frank admitted to an officer the she repeatedly violated the restraining order and sent the forged document in the mail.

Frank was first served with the restraining order in April 2019, which limited any direct or indirect contact with the victim including, but not limited to, phone calls and electronic messages such as texting and emails. Frank was convicted for violating a restraining order in January and March of last year.

Frank is currently in custody at the Steele County Detention Center and bail without conditions is set at $30,000. Her next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 23.

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