WASECA — The second Kwik Trip location in Waseca held its official grand opening on Sept. 5.

To begin the ceremony attendees were welcomed and employees recited the Kwik Trip mission statement and core values that they share at every opening.

The Kwik Trip mission statement is to serve their customers and community more effectively than anyone else by treating their customers, co-workers and suppliers as they, personally, would like to be treated and to make a difference in someone’s life.

Honesty and integrity are the two core values that Kwik Trip follows. They are honest in all of their business interactions with their co-workers and business partners and expect the same in return.

Kwik Trip is a family-owned and operated business and has been for 54 years.

The Zietlow family, with the John Hansen family, opened the first store for business in 1965. Since opening the Zietlows have taken over as solo owners in 2000 and have started to produce some of their own products to sell in-store.

At Kwik Trip, employees are given a 40 percent pre-tax profit. The profit-sharing bonus ranges from 5% to 9% of each co-workers gross annual wages and depending on the company profitability according to the Kwik Trip website.

Present at the opening was Carl Rick, a Leadership Development Specialist at Kwik Trip, who started as a guest services employee in college.

Rick is able to travel with Don Zietlow about 25,000 miles a year to different locations around the country and shared with the crowd what he has learned from Zietlow.

One thing Zietlow shared on their travels was as long as the co-workers are taken care of they will take care of the guests.

After Rick spoke on his role and the Zietlow’s, the store leader Tammi Brooks, who has worked at Kwik Trip for 16 years, spoke to the audience.

“Thank you, Waseca. It’s great to be on this side of town,” Brooks said.

During the ceremony, some of the employees shared why they work at Kwik Trip.

It’s the best job I’ve ever had,” a Kwik Trip employee said. “We’re making a difference in people’s lives.”

Deb Hanks, assistant kitchen lead said that it’s a family atmosphere that they work in and Kwik Trip listens to their ideas.

Ann Fitch, executive director of the Waseca Chamber of Commerce, was present as well.

She spoke on how the second location adds competition with businesses and how that is good for the town. Fitch was also present with the chamber ambassadors to present Brooks with a progress award.

Mayor Roy Srp shared a thank you during the grand opening.

“Thank you Kwik Trip, Zietlow family and co-workers for coming to Waseca on behalf of the taxpayers,” Srp said.

He continued to comment that it is good to be giving to the community and that competition is good like Fitch mentioned because it makes everyone better.

Kwik Trip presented two checks before the end of the ceremony.

The first check was for $1,000 for the Shop with a Hero program in Waseca.

This program allows for 10 to 12 children to shop with firefighters and police for gifts for the holidays. The kids are able to buy gifts for their family along with themselves while the firefighters and police get to know the kids.

This program is also a way to give these kids positive role models in their lives.

The second check was for the Waseca D.A.R.E. program, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, which covers topics like drugs and bullying. D.A.R.E. is taught to fifth graders for 10 weeks in Waseca.

Arik Matson is in his fifth year teaching the class that he commented is to help the kids make wise life decisions and to make the proper decisions to be a valuable adult in the community.

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