A Waldorf man is accused of connecting with, via Snapchat, a young teenager who went to the same school, finding her residence using the Snapchat location feature and then raping her once inside the home.

Tyler Hollis Hammond, 19, of Waldorf, is charged with felony third degree criminal sex conduct with a victim 13-15 years old. According to the complaint, the victim said she told Hammond to stop multiple times, but he allegedly continued to force sex.

The victim’s mother reportedly came home to Hammond in her bed with the victim and a young sibling. The mother got Hammond out of the house and then discovered an opened condom wrapper on the bathroom floor and a condom in the garbage that appeared to have blood on it. The victim then told her mother the sex occurred and was non-consensual.

An officer visited the residence to speak with the victim. The victim reportedly told the officer that Hammond had contacted her via Snapchat three days prior and she accepted his request. She said Hammond asked her age and she told him. He never discussed sex, according to the victim.

He “just showed up” at the residence on the day of the assault, according to the victim. The victim said her location was turned on in Snapchat during their interactions. Hammond reportedly knocked on multiple doors before finding the victim’s residence.

Hammond, the victim, and the victim’s young family member watched Netflix in the living room before Hammond told the victim that he need to tell her something in private and pulled her into the bedroom. He allegedly then shut the door and took the victim’s and his clothes off against the victim’s will. The victim said she told Hammond to stop multiple times, but he allegedly held her down against the bed and raped her.

After the alleged assault, the victim left her bedroom and joined her young sibling in their mother’s bedroom; Hammond got in the bed and laid down with the two. The mother then returned home.

The police questioned Hammond, who reportedly said he knew the victim from school and confirmed he went to her residence, but said he was invited. He said he had a condom and the package was opened but it was not used for sex.

According to the complaint, Hammond’s family members present at the interview told officers they believed he was lying and that he would try to flee. Officers then decided to take Hammond into custody immediately.

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