A Waterville man and former Waseca student faces a felony charge for an alleged drive-by shooting and two separate charges for alleged check forgery.

Hunter Storm Kleeberger, 18, of Waseca, allegedly shot a BB gun while driving down Main Street in Waterville, injuring one person. Kleeberger was charged with two counts, stemming from the alleged shooting. One count was for drive-by shooting and the second was for assault in the second degree with a dangerous weapon.

He is also charged with two check fraud counts, including one from when he was 17 and a second from after he turned 18.

BB gun shooting

According to the BB gun complaint, when the officer arrived on scene, he approached the victim. As the officer and victim were speaking, Kleeberger allegedly drove off, westbound, down Main Street. When this happened, the victim allegedly started to chase Kleeberger. They were reportedly both screaming at each other threatening to harm one another.

The officer was able to calm the victim down, and the officer asked what happened in the altercation.

The victim said they were smoking a cigarette when they heard Kleeberger “mumble” something as he drove by. The victim allegedly replied to Kleeberger, saying something about him being a “nark.”

After that comment, according to the victim, is when the incident escalated and the victim went to confront Kleeberger. The confrontation continued, with the two yelling at one another, and that is when the victim said Kleeberger pulled out a BB gun and shot the victim in the arm twice.

As this conversation was happening, Kleeberger reportedly drove past again, and the officer yelled for him to pull over so they could speak.

According to the complaint, when the officer asked if he shot the victim with a BB gun, Kleeberger admitted to doing so, replying “Yeah, but you should’ve seen what (the victim) was doing to me.” It was discovered that the BB gun in question was not with Kleeberger when he was speaking with the officer and when asked where it was, he responded that it was behind the portable toilet across from the football field.

At this time, the officer reportedly advised Kleeberger that he was under arrest, but as the officer was attempting to arrest him, Kleeberger and the victim started arguing and Kleeberger allegedly attempted to walk away. The officer then grabbed him and put him in handcuffs.

Kleeberger was arrested and placed in Le Sueur County Jail with a bond set. His court appearance for this incident is set for Aug. 6.

Check forgery

On or about April 9, 2019, when Kleeberger was 17 years old, his family members approached police about checks they suspected he had allegedly stolen from them.

This first check forgery incident reportedly happened in the Elysian and Waterville area.

The family members were alerted by the bank in Elysian about several checks that Kleeberger passed at the bank. They went to the bank to look through their statements and found several more checks that supposedly Kleeberger cashed between April 2 and April 8 for a total of $1,700.

In Waterville, at the Phil Mart Store, there were two checks that Kleeberger allegedly passed. The officer talked to an employee about the matter. Reportedly the employees who passed the two checks from Kleeberger went to school with him, so they were positive it is him who passed the alleged fraudulent checks.

The investigator spoke with Kleeberger, who, at the time, allegedly admitted to stealing the family members’ checkbooks and forging checks. The case is still open and Kleeberger will appear in court for a pre-trial in Le Sueur County on Aug. 21.

Kleeberger was charged with check forgery again at 17 years old, this time in Waseca, but that case was dismissed.

Now, Kleeberger has been charged with alleged check forgery, which reportedly happened on or about June 13 through June 19 in Waseca after Kleeberger turned 18 years old.

An employee of a bank in Waseca contacted the police on June 18 to speak about potential fraudulent checks. According to the complaint, the employee stated that Kleeberger opened an account at the back using his information and tried to deposit a check from another bank out of town.

The out-of-town bank reached out to inform the bank in Waseca that the check was denied for stop payment.

The alleged check that was denied came from a checkbook that was reportedly lost by a person during the Morristown Dam Days celebration. According to the victim, they closed the accounts as soon as they realized their wallet was missing.

The victim also said that they don’t know Kleeberger.

On June 19, Kleeberger allegedly attempted to cash another one of the victim’s checks at a Waldorf bank. This check was allegedly made out to another person and the bank denied cashing it without said person present.

Kleeberger reportedly came back to the bank with a third one of the victim’s checks that was made out to himself this time. Since the other check Kleeberger used to open his account had not been cleared yet, he was told he could not cash the total of the check that day, according to the complaint. This allegedly caused Kleeberger to leave the Waldorf bank.

In Waldorf alone, he attempted to forge a total of $1,800, according to the complaint.

There was also a bank in New Prague that Kleeberger allegedly attempted to cash a check at.

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