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Janesville City Council spends remaining CARES Act funds on law enforcement wages. The final report to the state was approved at a special meeting on Nov. 12. County News file photo)

The Janesville City Council spent its remaining federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funds on law enforcement wages.

The council approved on Nov. 12 to use the remaining funds of $37,685 to pay law enforcement wages. With this expense, Janesville spent the entire amount, $174,940, allocated to it on city needs and even acquired $57 in interest that went into the city’s general fund.

“I want to thank all the employees and all city council, because over the last several months we’ve had several talks about how to spend this money,” Janesville City Administrator Clinton Rogers said. “It was nice the state and federal government stepped in to help.”

At the special meeting on Nov.12, the councilors gave their final approval of CARES Act expenses that Rogers put in a report for the state to document where the funds were spent.

During the special meeting three Economic Development Authority COVID-19 loans, each $4,000, were changed to grants from the EDA after Marley Rohwer and City Attorney Jason Moran did some research.

The EDA Grant Program had a total of $30,000 to allocate to local Janesville businesses with a $3,000 max per application.

At the Nov. 9 council meeting, the city approved funds for technology improvements in City Hall and the police department, city council room and park road plaza for $29,229; restroom improvements for City Hall, utilities, public works, the fire hall and the golf course for a total of $19,723; personal protective equipment for the fire department and the police department for $1,369; Janesville Economic Development Authority for the COVID-19 grant distributed for $3,000; staff time for $500 and for the ODIN Fahrenheit 2.0 at Whispering Creek, Janesville Nursing Home for $9,623.

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