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Two of the producers of the Small Business Revolution show visited Waseca, exploring numerous businesses. (file photo)

Small Business Revolution producers visit Waseca to help determine if the town will move forward as one of its top five finalists for next season. The winning community will be featured on the show and get an influx of cash to help development in the town.

Two producers visited Waseca on Dec. 2 and Dec. 3 to check out numerous local small businesses.

This visit, along with the interaction the community has online on social media, will all determine if Waseca moves on to the top five to be potentially chosen for season 5 and be the recipient of $500,000.

“All of that social media action will help us get into the top five,” Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ann Fitch said. “ And we will use the excitement that is buzzing around the area to keep improving. Even if we don’t make it to the next round, we are formulating a Plan B. A plan to help our business, to get our small businesses the key assistance that they need. We won’t have a $500,000 boost to execute that Plan B, so it would be a slower process, but we have a lot of capable people in the area that are willing to help.”

To show support online people can add the hashtag #mywaseca to their posts and tag the @smallbusinessresolution and @deluxecorp along with a picture of something about Waseca.

The producers were able to visit about 22 businesses in Waseca, along with seeing almost every specialty shop, bar and restaurant in town. Over 70 businesses in Waseca volunteered to have the producers stop for a conversation, but time only allowed for the few.

When the producers arrived on Monday, before they went out to businesses and exploring Waseca, they met with the Chamber, business owners and Mayor Roy Srp.

They talked about what help Waseca needs, and what they think the Small Business Revolution team and funds could help with. One of the main ideas brought up was branding the community — they noted the lack of billboards advertising Waseca along highways 13 and 14 and help with marketing strategies for small business owners and financial education for some.

When the producers spoke with the businesses, they asked general questions about each business, such as how long they’ve been in operation and where they could use assistance. One of the businesses the producers stopped at on the first day was 4-Seasons Athletics, where they were able to chat about the business and what Waseca has to offer as a community.

“I was so excited to have the ladies from the Small Business Revolution stop in,” 4-Seasons Owner Jeremiah Miller said. “Our visit was brief, because I had a customer, but their visit was perfect. They did ask about our production of apparel and asked if we did more than team and fan apparel. I let them know that we in fact also serviced other businesses and that we are hoping to expand our reach to our nearby towns for their sports apparel as well. I am so excited for just the opportunity to show everything Waseca is made of. I love seeing the posts and buzz around town that this opportunity has brought. I’d also love to give Ann Fitch a huge shout out for everything she is doing.”

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