A Waseca man is facing a felony assault charge after he allegedly threw a remote control at a woman and chipped her tooth, court documents say.

Spencer Carl Wyttenbach, 32, was charged on June 7 in Waseca County Court with one count of third-degree assault, a felony, and one count of domestic assault, a gross misdemeanor. The charges stem from an incident that occurred in Waseca on June 6.

According to the criminal complaint, Waseca police were dispatched shortly after midnight to a report of a domestic assault. The victim told officers that Wyttenbach threw a remote at her and broke her tooth during a verbal argument. Officers noted the victim had a bloody lip and a chipped tooth.

Later in the evening, officers located Wyttenbach and arrested him without incident. According to court documents, Wyttenbach told officers, “I didn’t even do anything. I threw a controller at her.”

After being read his Miranda Warning, Wyttenbach agreed to speak with officers at the Waseca County Jail. Wyttenbach said he and the victim were in an argument when he “flung” the remote at her. Wyttenbach demonstrated to officers that the remote was sitting on the top of his leg and he made a swiping motion over the top of his leg. He told officers he apologized to the victim immediately following the incident and that he didn’t mean to hit her, adding that he “didn’t pick it up and chuck it at her,” the report reads.

According to court records, Wyttenbach was convicted in 2012 of misdemeanor domestic abuse in Waseca County.

Wyttenbach’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 17.

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