WASECA — A Waseca woman has been charged with financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Lori Schuur, 36, allegedly used a vulnerable adult she cares for to take out a vehicle loan in the adult's name along with putting their name on the car insurance about a year ago.

On Aug. 12, Waseca police received a Minnesota adult abuse reporting center report after a family member of the vulnerable adult found out what Schuur supposedly did.

According to the report, Schuur told police the vulnerable adult was only a cosigner for the vehicle loan and that the car insurance was up-to-date in her name. The vulnerable adult was allegedly under the impression that they only cosigned for the vehicle loan and was unaware their name was on the insurance as well.

Reportedly the loan is actually in the vulnerable adult's name and Schuur is the cosigner of said loan along with the vulnerable adult’s name being the primary on the insurance. The insurance policy reportedly was cancelled in June 2019 after not being paid.

Through her job Schuur took training on vulnerable adults and has been working with the victim since 2016.

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