A Janesville man was charged with two felonies and a gross misdemeanor in Waseca County District Court related to an alleged break-in.

Christopher Lane Holthus, 33, of Janesville was arrested on June 29 for allegedly breaking into a home in Janesville. The first felony charge is for first degree burglary with possession of a dangerous weapon/explosive and the second is for drug possession in the fifth degree. The gross misdemeanor is for obstructing legal process/interfering with a peace officer.

On June 29, the victim called the police to report Holthus for entering their house without permission; he was reportedly found in the kitchen. Holthus allegedly offered the homeowner a smoke from what was believed to be a meth pipe.

Holthus left the home through the front door while the homeowner locked the doors to call 911, but he did not leave the premises immediately, according to the complaint. Allegedly, he removed his hat and shirt, leaving them at the victim's home heading eastbound down the alleyway.

The victim had lost sight of Holthus walking down the alley with an unidentified object in his hand, but heard a house door shut and suspected he went in there. The officer reportedly found a Croc sandal with a knife in its sheath, believed to belong to Holthus, in the alleyway near the victim's house.

The officer drove to the intersection of North Skookum and West First Street to run the plates of a car that is associated with the second home that Holthus was believed to have gone into. According to the report, while the officer was waiting, two people came running out of the second home; one was Holthus and the other the homeowner and the suspect's family member. Holthus ran right to the driver's side door of the squad car.

According to the complaint, when the officer opened the door of the squad car Holthus grabbed hold of them and wouldn’t let go even after being told he was under arrest. Allegedly when he wouldn’t let go, the officer told him he would be tased if he didn't step back because they felt their safety was in jeopardy.

Holthus’s family member was reportedly yelling at the officer and was standing very close to the officer and Holthus. Eventually, Holthus let go of the officer to walk away toward his own vehicle while the officer repeated that Holthus was under arrest. When he got to his car, the officer again informed Holthus that he would be tased if he did not comply.

Holthus, allegedly not complying, was tased but the taser malfunctioned and didn’t have the results that it was meant to have. After the taser failed, it was put back into safety mode and Holthus then reportedly leaned on his car which allowed the officer to put his hands behind his back and put handcuffs on him.

After the handcuffs were placed on Holthus, he reportedly laid down on the ground and the officer was not able to move him due to Holthus being sweaty, slippery and too heavy. North Ambulance arrived and took over care of Hothus.

Holthus has had two prior controlled substance convictions for controlled substance crime in the fifth degree, April 2012 and January 2017.

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