This August, alumni of the University of Minnesota-Waseca will have the opportunity to get together again at the first reunion in 11 years.

As Deanna Nelson, program director for the UMW Alumni Association, said, these reunions are a way for the alumni of a college that closed 29 years ago to see people they haven’t seen in many years.

Additionally, this year’s reunion will feature alumni, staff and faculty from specific areas in the college who have committed to the event, including a well-known chemistry professor, the former athletic director and representatives from a number of other departments.

“There should be somebody there for everybody to visit with,” Nelson said.

The reunion takes place between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 7 at Farmamerica, 7367 360th Ave., Waseca.

“It’s a unique group of folks who remain passionate about agriculture,” Farmamerica Executive Director Jessica Rollins said. “We’re excited to host them at Farmamerica to show them our space and some of the upcoming changes we’ve planned during our ‘Rooted and Growing’ capital campaign.”

Highlights of the event include special awards, music by Jim Kozan of Waseca Music Co. during lunch in the large meeting room, and a UMW memorabilia exhibit. The exhibit will feature a display of old sports jerseys and trophies, as well as scrapbooks reflecting the activities and events of UMW and the Southern School of Agriculture (SSA), which became UMW in 1971.

There will also be a number of speakers, including Federal Correctional Institution Warden Starr and Anne Cummins, who is FCI’s director of public relations, who will present a program on what happened to the campus at UMW. The prison is on part of what used to be the college’s campus.

Others who have committed to speak at the reunion include UMW/SSA Alumni Association President Cindy Glamm, Brain Buhr, who is the dean of the University of Minnesota’s college of agriculture, Waseca Mayor Roy Srp and Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation President Tim Penny.

The reunion “will provide opportunities for some formal visiting along with informal,” Nelson said.

After the event adjourns, post-reunion gatherings will be held at 5 p.m. in Katie O’Leary’s Bar and Restaurant in Waseca.

Pre-registration for the event is open until July 23 and can be done online at, where the schedule is also written, or by mailing their entry fee to the UMW/SSA Alumni Association at 35838 120th St., Waseca. Pre-registration costs $15 per adult and $5 per child.

Guests can also register at the event for $10 per adult and $8 per child, though there is no meal included for those who register this way.

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