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Some county roads were snow covered and slick from the storms December 29, 30 and 31 with the wind making it difficult for the snow plows to keep them clear. (Waseca County News File photo)

Days before the new year provided for eventful weather.

On Saturday, Dec. 28 the day was filled with rain in the Waseca area though further north in the Twin Cities area the roads were solid ice due to the rain freezing.

While numerous videos showed Minnesotans ice skating down roads, sidewalks and playing hockey in the roads the ice made for poor driving conditions. The Minnesota Department of Transportation advised people to stay home and off of the roads.

There were a reported hundreds of crashes statewide due to the icy roads.

Sunday, Dec. 29 the winter weather continued with snow starting and continuing into Monday, Dec. 30 morning.

About 2.7 inches of snow fell on Monday during the day with a total of three to five inches for the total storm that continued slightly into Tuesday, Dec. 31 morning.

The Waseca County Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook Monday, December 30 the roads in Waseca County were ice covered and slippery in many areas.

The county plows were out salting and sanding on Monday night but due to the wind and blowing the salt and sand away and covering it the plows went off the roads until Tuesday, Dec. 31 morning at 5 a.m.

In Waseca County there were a reported 23 vehicles in the ditch due to the weather between Sunday, Dec. 29 and Monday evening Dec. 30.

Some of the vehicles damaged state and county property such as signs and guards. There were no major injuries to those who went off the road.

Waseca County can expect snow fall on Friday, January 3 of about one to two inches according to the National Weather Service. This is not expected to be a major event though people should plan extra travel time in the evening to be safe. The snow is expected to start around 10 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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