A federal judge dismissed all but a portion of one claim filed against a Waseca businesswoman this spring by her ex son-in-law, a guitarist for the rock band Journey.

Judy Kozan, who served as Waseca mayor from 1993-95, filed a motion in April to dismiss the defamation case her one time son-in-law, Neil Schon, brought against her.

Schon, in his lawsuit, said Kozan “attacked and harassed” him in Internet blog postings and that she knowingly posted false and malicious statements about the rocker, claiming, among other things, that Schon is failing to provide for his ex-wife and the couple’s two school-age daughters.

The judge, in a June 6 ruling, found the majority of Schon’s allegations to be inconclusive, however, said they could be brought back before the court again.

The only part of the suit remaining is a single sentence Kozan is alleged to have written about Schon: “As I write this, he [Schon] has put his ex in a situation where she literally has no money for food, gas for the car, bills, nothing.”

Kozan’s daughter Amber Schon, was married to the guitarist from April 2001 to October 2007.

Schon refuted Kozan’s claim in the initial filing, saying that shortly before Kozan’s posting a Hennepin County Family Court ruling found Schon “had met all of his child support and other obligations over the past five years and that the economic circumstances underlying the defendants blog posts were ‘due to [defendants daughter’s] own fault or choice.’”

In March, Kozan’s posts were then reportedly published in the London Daily Mail and other media outlets, and labeled Schon as a “deadbeat dad.”

The Daily Mail article Schon cites has been removed from the newspaper’s website.

When Kozan spoke to the Minneapolis Star Tribune in March she reportedly told the paper spoke, “I have never called him a deadbeat dad, and I have never accused him of not making his payments. He makes them religiously.”

Schon initially asked that Kozan be ordered to stop making or publishing disparaging statements against him or his fiancee and be awarded a total of $150,000 in damages.

Neither of Schon’s attorneys returned calls for comment.

Reach reporter Jennifer Holt at 837-5446, or follow her on Twitter at @WCNjennifer

Reach reporter Jennifer Holt at 837-5446, or follow her on Twitter at @WCNjennifer

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