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Four people arrested at the Waseca Walmart on November 21 on multiple charges. (file photo)

In November three people were arrested at the Waseca Walmart for theft and credit card fraud.

Dion Edward Wadley Junior, 20, of Winona, Sebastian Robert Schumacher, 25, of Albert Lea and Mercedez Christina Rocha, 19, of Waseca were all charged with multiple accounts due to an incident at the Waseca Walmart. Also mentioned in the complaint is Mircedes Leah Mattson.

On Nov. 21, two officers responded to a house in Waseca on the account of stolen credit cards.

The person who called the officers reported her purse was missing and she was receiving notices from her bank of fraudulent charges at Sportsman Stop in Waseca and they were now at Walmart in Waseca. She reported that she had a black Guess wallet, $160 cash, blank starter checks from a bank and receipts for items she needed to return all in the purse.

Officers followed-up at Sportsman Stop and were able to speak with the manager who gave the officers a description of the two men using the stolen credit card. These descriptions would later be found to match Wadley and Schumacher.

It was also stated in the report they were allegedly driving a stolen car.

The two men, both known to the officers from previous contacts, were found at Walmart in Waseca in the electronics section. Reportedly Schumacher had an active warrant the officers were aware of and he was arrested on scene.

Allegedly when Schumacher was searched in the parking lot an officer found a knife on his person and a hypodermic needle that later tested positive for methamphetamine.

While the first officer was handling Schumacher another other officer approached Wadley, who was speaking with a Walmart employee. When the officer approached Wadley he advised Wadley he was being detained.

In a patdown of Wadley, the officer found needles in his pocket reportedly. In the jacket, which Wadley claimed belonged to Schumacher, there were more syringes, the stolen credit cards and Schumacher’s identification. Reportedly in Wadley’s back pocket the officer found what he assumed to be money that was later found to be a counterfeit $100 bills. Under his sweatshirt on his person Wadley also had two Sony speakers tucked away, worth over $40.

The Walmart manager, in cooperation with police, while working to get the surveillance footage stated he was aware of the situation. The manager shared with the police reportedly that the jacket they found on Wadley at the time of arrest was the same jacket Schumacher had on when they entered Walmart.

The Walmart manager also reportedly told police Schumacher stole a jacket while at the store and it was located in his property at the county jail.

Both Wadley and Schumacher were placed in a squad car in the parking lot of Walmart.

Schumacher allegedly admitted to the officer, while he was escorted out of Walmart, that he did use the credit card but he thought it was “good.” He also stated the person who stole the credit cards was in a white Chevy in the parking lot of Walmart. The alleged person Schumacher stated stole the credit card is Rocha.

The officers were able to locate the car, later verified as stolen, with two women in it. In the car was Rocha and Mattson.

On Mattson the officer found a knife, a wrench and a can of pepper spray. While she was being searched Rocha allegedly started to run away from the car but was secured by an officer. Rocha and Mattson were placed in the squad car as well. Rocha had two out-of-county warrants.

They were all transported to the Waseca County Jail and read the Miranda Warning.

At the jail an officer found what they believed to be .5 grams of marijuana on Schumacher.

Wadley allegedly chose to speak with an officer, after he was read his Miranda Warning, at the county jail.

He reportedly told officers that they first tested the cards at the Kwik Trip off of west Elm in Waseca.

Reportedly Schumacher purchased “a little something something” according to Wadley to see if it worked before buying two packs of cigarettes. They then went to the north Kwik Trip in Waseca where Schumacher attempted to buy seven lottery tickets but reportedly the card was declined due to the wrong pin number and they went to Sportman Stop afterwards.

While at Sportman Stop, allegedly Schumacher again used the credit card by purchasing a pop and two air fresheners. When they went back to try buying two more packs of cigarettes the card was declined.

Following Sportman Stop they went to Walmart where Schumacher and Wadley went inside and when the police caught up to them.

When the officers got the surveillance footage from Kwik Trip it allegedly shows Wadley driving and getting out of the driver’s side door, his driving privileges are currently revoked. It then shows him and Schumacher entering the north Kwik Trip and attempting to buy the lottery tickets.

Schumacher also allegedly told the police he was helping the person who owns the car find it and had found it the morning of Nov. 21 at a farm outside of town. The owner of the car allegedly verified they knew Schumacher and he was helping them find it.

Reportedly a search warrant was obtained for the vehicle.

In the vehicle officers located the following items: a Nine West black purse, a check under the driver’s seat belonging to a Faribault, Minnesota resident, a hypodermic needle which tested positive for methamphetamine, a black pouch containing multiple needles that tested positive as well for methamphetamine, a safe that allegedly was filled with things related to drug sales and the key found on Wadley, a Juicy Couture wallet with money and multiple hypodermic syringes which tested positive for methamphetamine.

Complaints are aware Walmart is surrounded by the Waseca Junior Senior High School and the Waseca Intermediate School, within 1 block or 300 feet.

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