WASECA — Christine Schulz, 44, of Waseca has been charged with multiple counts of assault.

According to court documents, on the night of Sept. 7 the Waseca Police Department was called to a residence in Waseca, when the police arrived the person who made the complaint told police that Schulz allegedly kicked in the shared door between the units along with breaking a window.

One officer went to speak with Schulz about the incident stating that they were there to speak with her about the broken window. The officer reported that Schulz smelled of alcohol and seemed to be intoxicated.

Reportedly Schulz refused to speak with the officer telling them to get out of her apartment. Schulz walked over to a door that leads upstairs and tried to shut it on the officer and when the officer caught the door Schulz allegedly ran upstairs to the kitchen area. At this time two more officers came to assist upstairs.

Again when Schulz was told she needed to speak to the officers about the incident she tried to run to her bedroom at this point one of the officers felt there was a safety concern not knowing if there were any weapons in the residence. The officer reportedly took Schulz by the left arm and placed her in a single arm bar escort hold and taken back to the kitchen area.

Schulz allegedly began twisting away from the officer and yelling at them, it was then that they informed her that she would be under arrest for criminal damage to property and impeding the investigation of the incident. In the report it states Schulz began yelling at the officer that they couldn’t place her under arrest.

Reportedly another officer tried to assist in putting Schulz in handcuffs behind her back, she continued to struggle requiring the help of the third officer.

While the two additional officers were holding Schulz the original officer who approached Schulz went to place handcuffs on her when Schulz allegedly grabbed the officers finger twisting and squeezing it causing it go numb. Eventually the officer was able to get their finger free.

The officers then attempted to escort Schulz out of the building but she allegedly was kicking and screaming refusing to walk. When at the squad car she refused to get in and the officers had to use force to get her in.

At some point while transporting Schulz to the squad car another officer injured her wrist.

After getting Schulz into the car an officer reportedly went back to the reporting party to speak with them.

They stated that when they arrived home they heard Schulz yelling “give me back my son, give me back my son.” This was not the first time they had heard yelling from that apartment. While she was yelling she was allegedly punching the conjoining door and that is how the window broke. The reporting party felt she was going to break through and enter their apartment and that is why they went outside.

She was also charged with obstruction of the legal process, damage to property and disorderly conduct.

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