Crossing highway 13 (copy)

A student crosses Hwy. 13 near the Waseca Junior Senior High School where there is no pedestrian crossing. The school district and the city have concerns for the safety of those crossing Hwy. 13 haphazardly. (Waseca County News file photo/

Hwy. 13 in front of the Waseca Junior Senior High school has been a concern for many years for the school district and city officials due to the lack of a crosswalk near the schools for students to use. Instead students cross the road unsafely.

The main building WJSHS, the Waseca Intermediate school and TEAM Academy are all between the stop lights at 22nd Avenue NE and 13th Avenue NW, where the pedestrian crossings are without crossings in the middle. Students and residents can be seen waiting for traffic to cross Hwy. 13, rather than walking down to the stop lights to cross.

In May, the city and the school district entered a verbal agreement for funding for a pedestrian crossing and at the recent Oct. 20 city council meeting the council unanimously passed a resolution finalizing the agreement.

The project involves a crossing of Hwy. 13 near 17th Avenue NE as well as a trail/sidewalk running along the west side of Hwy. 13 from 15th Avenue N to 19th Avenue N. There is also a trail from the crossing to the high school parking lot and front entrance.

According to the agreement in the council packet, the city will provide 75% of the remaining cost after grant funds are used and the Waseca Public School District provides 25%, up to $40,000.

Grants have been secured by the Minnesota Department of Transportation to pay for the construction and construction supervision portions of the project and the city will be responsible for cost overruns in those areas as well as the costs associated with designing the project

The city hired Stantec for the project.

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