JANESVILLE — The Janesville Nursing home recently changed its name to Whispering Creek.

“The management team realized that Janesville Nursing Home is outdated,” Director of Nursing Rob Benson said. “It doesn't advertise and define what we do truly because over the years it was built for the community to have a place for their loved ones to go to and a rest home and now our work is so much different. We do skill nursing and rehabilitation and it was let's make sure the name advertises what we’re really doing and not outdated.”

Whispering Creek is still city-owned and operates the same as always, but with a new name to identify it. Employee Nancy Westphal submitted the new name when committee members were all asked to share ideas.

She submitted Whispering Creek because of a creek that used to go through where the nursing home is and she used to play in growing up. Westphal also said that it reminds her of being soft and calm.

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