As you are all aware, the City of Waseca has encountered a horrible tragedy this past week.

As we continue to receive updates on the condition of officer Matson, the continuing outpour of support is just beyond belief. All agencies from around the State have contacted the City giving their well wishes and prayers to all those involved in this incident. The City of Minneapolis will have two officers on watch throughout Officer Matson’s recovery which is truly appreciated. The amount of local support from businesses and residents has been above and beyond anything you can imagine.

I arrived at North Memorial Hospital that night and was just amazed when I walked into the lobby of his waiting room. I saw numerous officers from different precincts, people from state agencies, friends, and family. They were all there to support Officer Matson and I was blown away. To witness an event like this bring so many people together from all over the State has been a life changing experience for me.

Officer Matson is a standup guy, great officer, wonderful husband and father, and a great example to the young people in the City of Waseca. He is truly the perfect representation of what Waseca stands for and I am happy to know him.

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