Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca will be conducting an emergency response exercise on Friday afternoon, Dec. 16.

The exercise will test the organization’s preparedness and response to an active shooter scenario. It will be held in conjunction with local law enforcement and other response agencies. Patients and visitors may notice an increase in activity at the medical center during the time of the exercise, but patient care will not be affected.

“Participating in exercises such as this helps our staff practice their emergency response procedures and gives us an opportunity to identify areas in which we can improve,” says Tom Borowski, administrator at Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca. “It is important we conduct an exercise as if an actual event was occurring – that way our response to real events will be that much more efficient and effective.”

Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca conducts similar exercises on a regular basis to ensure organizational readiness, as well as compliance with national accreditation standards of The Joint Commission.

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