Kevin Krein covers arts and entertainment, non-profits, community events and people, and matters relating to Rice County and the surrounding townships for the Northfield News and the Faribault Daily News.

My wife and I have been Netflix subscribers for a little over a decade now. First, it was the “one disc at a time” plan; then about three year…

The ink wasn’t even dry on our marriage license when my wife stated that she wanted to buy a house. Like, we weren’t even back home yet—to the…

Despite the need to save time, you really should preheat your oven. Especially your brand new oven. 

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Hi there. Author of the story here. I reached out to Kurt Deter and he didn't have a ton of information to provide, but this is his response to what you asked:

"I am not an expert on the effects of tile on water quality from a science point of view but that question is one of the …


Hey everyone, just wanted to hop on here and say we got some clarification about the fee from the school district:

The fee in question that the Northfield Historical Society is charged by the school district is a $500 clean up fee for the debris from the fireworks, according to Erin B…


The other poets are listed in a breakout box with the article, but here are there names-

"from Northfield—Toni Easterson, Scott Forsgren, D.E. Green, Rob Hardy, Brenda Hellen, James Holden, Laura Meyers and Anna Priore; and from Faribault—Larry Gavin, Audrey Kletscher Helbling and…


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Thanks for your concern. Since you say you aren't an animals person, you may not realize that it's not nearly as simple as you claim to gain the love and trust of a companion animal. It takes months. And sometimes they still may not fully open up to you, even after years.

Much like a p…


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