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This is Jason Schmucker, News Editor at the People's Press. The comment thread on the criminal sexual abuse story was shut down due to the age of the alleged victims and the possibility of commenters identifying them on the thread.

This is People's Press news editor Jason Schmucker. The extent of the young lady's injuries were not detailed in the article. The young lady suffered a compound dense fracture in her lower right arm. A clarification was published in Saturday's edition of the People's Press.

Reporter Derek Sullivan sat down with Steele County Auditor Laura Irhke this week to discuss the financial impact of the proposed voter identification amendment. Look for the story in Sunday's edition of the Owatonna People's Press, and on this website.

Jason Schmucker, O…

This is Jason Schmucker, OPP news editor. Here are links to the articles we have done related to the issue of the turnback fund. Hopefully, they will shed a little more light on the issue for you.


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We are working on an update to the story, stay tuned to owatonna.com.

Jason Schmucker, OPP News Editor

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