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The MSHSL Board of Directors approved individual conferences to implement a shot clock as early as next season. Full implementation of a shot clock is scheduled across Minnesota for the 2023-24 season. (Michael Hughes/

The Minnesota State High School League Board of Directors met Thursday in a wide-ranging meeting that spanned the use of shot clocks in basketball contests next season, the appointing of new positions and how the league plans on combating a recent spate of recent actions surrounding high school sporting events.

During the winter sports season, a number of racist allegations and actions sprouted up throughout the state of Minnesota, prompting many to ask the MSHSL to take executive action.

The MSHSL’s response was talking Thursday about partnering with educational organizations to meet with and present to students with the goal of producing a state-wide student-generated code of conduct for athletes and spectators.

“This is not happening at just a few schools, it’s something we need to deal with at every school all the time,” MSHSL Executive Director Erich Martens said during the meeting. “It’s happening at all levels, and we need to address it.”

Other news included:

The Board of Directors approved the hiring of Lisa Quednow and Phil Archer to serve the league’s member schools as Associate Directors. Quednow and Archer, both current activities administrators at member schools, were selected following a multi-level process.

Quednow, a native of Austin and graduate of Austin Pacelli High School, has served as the activities administrator at Austin High School since 2009. In addition to representing Sections 1AA and 2AA on the league’s Board of Directors, she has represented Sections 5 and 8 on the Board of Directors of the National Federation of State High School Associations. She has also served the League in roles including the Activities Directors Advisory Committee, the Education Committee, the Representative Assembly and the developing Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee.

Prior to returning to Austin, Quednow was the women’s athletic director at Riverland Community College where she also was the head softball coach and assistant women’s basketball coach. In 2009, she served as the director of athletics at Clark College, a community college in Vancouver, Wash.

In other personnel action, the Board of Directors also approved the hiring of Randi Hill as an Administrative Assistant to fill one of the positions vacated during the pandemic. Hill is the current community coordinator at Jackson Middle School in the Anoka-Hennepin School District.

The Board of Directors approved the projected postseason calendar for the 2022-2023 school year.

The Board of Directors approved the projected calendar of meeting dates for the 2022-2023 school year that includes Board Meetings, Board Workshops, Area Meetings and the annual Representative Assembly Meeting.

The Board of Directors reviewed several policy proposals in Alpine Skiing, Boys and Girls Basketball, Dance and Wrestling. Included in these proposals are the implementation of tie-breaker criteria in the state Alpine Skiing meet, opportunities for conferences to use the 35-second shot clock next season in Boys and Girls Basketball and opportunities that would permit girls on a wrestling team to compete in four girls-only wrestling meets without counting toward the 16 allowed team events each season. All girls would still be held to the 16-event and 45-match individual limits in the current bylaw.

Alpine Skiing

State meet tiebreaker — A request to implement the same tiebreaker that is in place for the section competition. The process would go to the fifth- and sixth-place finisher in succession to identify the winning team. If still tied, it goes back to the top three, top two and top one, successively.

State meet run order — This proposed change would determine the run order for the second run based on the first run placement. The first 30 finishers would run in opposite order starting from 30th down to first. Then finishers 31 through to highest finisher.

Protests of disqualification — This proposal would allow the use of any available photos or videos to protest disqualifications, but would not allow photo or video evidence to implement a disqualification.

Second run following disqualification — A skier who was identified as DNF, DSQ, or NPS in their first skiing run would be allowed to participate in their second skiing run after the entire field has had their second run.

Boys and Girls Basketball

Use of Shot Clock — This proposal provides the opportunity for conferences to make the decision to allow the use of the 35-second shot clock in conference contests if all schools have the capacity to employ a shot clock.

Section-State Tournament for Class AAAA — The proposal would establish a modified version of the current section champions advancing to the state tournaments.

The final 16 teams in Class AAAA would have the top eight identified by coaches seeding process.

These eight teams would be assigned to a region by geography and an MSHSL Committee would also place the remaining eight teams using geography among other factors to determine section pairings.


Number of qualifiers per section — This proposal would standardize the number of state qualifiers in both Jazz and High Kick at three teams per section. The current rule requires a number of qualifiers that provides the most consistent ratio of competing teams.

Order of dance competition at state meet — This proposal would establish the qualifying teams at the state meet would use the following for competition order at state preliminaries: implement a random draw of third-place section finishers in spots one through four, second-place section finishers randomly drawn for fifth through eighth and first-place section finishers in the ninth through 12th-place positions.

Implement an additional round of state qualifier — This qualifier would bring the third through fifth place finishers in Jazz and High Kick in each class to a common site and they would compete for four places at the state meet. The top two qualifiers in each section would automatically qualify for the state meet.


Additional wrestling meets, girls participants only — This proposal would permit girls on a wrestling team the opportunity to compete in up to four girls-only wrestling meets without counting toward the 16 allowed team events each season. All girls would still be held to the 16-event and 45-match individual limits in the current bylaw.

Add an additional half day to state meet — This proposal would add an extra half day beginning with a session on Wednesday afternoon to provide for:

Room for growth of number of qualifiers in the girls’ division,

Extend the individual competition from two days to three days,

Additional time for all wrestlers to have the opportunity to participate in wrestlebacks, and hold team quarterfinals and consolation semifinals on Wednesday, with team finals, third and fifth place matches on Thursday.

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