Hailee Athey


Kenyon-Wanamingo High School 

Parents: Annette Athey, Larry Athey

Siblings: Winston, Zach, Hannah and Heather

High School Activities: SADD, Choir and Band

Favorite Class or Subject: Creative Writing

Best High School Memory: Ms. Quam's study hall

Hobbies: Reading and writing

Person/Persons you would like to meet, living or dead: Taylor Swift, William Shakespeare and my grandfather 

Favorite Book: Self Help by Miranda Sings and The Cabin by Natasha Preston

Favorite Movie: After

Favorite TV Show: Orange is the New Black

Favorite Song: Treacherous and Lover by Taylor Swift

If you won the lottery, what would one of your first purchases be? Personal donations to cancer patients

Describe yourself in one word: Insightful 

Future Plans: Elementary school teacher 

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