Natalie Bermudez

Kenyon-Wanamingo High School

Parents: Leighanne and Ismael

Siblings: Noah (16), Michael (27), Emily (24) & many great step-siblings that there are so many to list.

High school activities: One high school activity I really enjoy is theater. I find that it’s a therapeutic activity along with having the opportunity to make friends with new people is an amazing factor. It’s nice playing a different "character” for a change.

Favorite class or subject: Pop Culture, I enjoy learning about how our world has developed or how we can learn from history and make things better than they were.

Best high school memory: During my freshman year and after the first performance of our spring musical Cinderella, all the cast went to McDonald's and we still were all in our stage makeup and some had costumes on, getting weird looks.

Hobbies: I pursue crocheting, embroidery, playing my instruments and studying music or movies, along with going on adventures, writing and cooking or working out.

Person or persons you would like to meet, living or dead: Lucille Ball, Joe Rogan and Steve-O

Favorite book: “Elvis and Me” by Priscilla Presely

Favorite movie: Catch me if you can

Favorite TV show: Bojack Horseman

Favorite song or musician: “Xanadu” Olivia Newton John

Favorite quotation: “Everyday it gets a little easier, but you have to do it everyday. That’s the hard part.”

How did you spend your time during the COVID-19 social distancing of 2020? Learn anything new or acquire any skills? During COVID-19, I learned that life is full of surprises. Everything is a blessing in disguise. I learned during COVID-19 that all good things come unexpected. You can’t rush anything. As much as you want everything to go your way, it just sometimes doesn’t, and that’s okay. We are all on the same journey wanting to succeed in some shape or form, we just have our own ways of coping with that.

Future plans: To attend a technical school for writing or design. I would also like to make my own online business with my art. I acquired skills such as crafting or learning survival tactics in books.

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