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Did you know that when our Kenyon forefathers dedicated the new school in 1915, they placed a time capsule for us to see in the future? That time capsule was saved this year when the building was demolished, and it will be opened for all of us to see during Rose Fest 2013.

Please come to First Lutheran Church (near the old school grounds) after the parade to see what those forefathers thought was important for us to know and remember from their time in Kenyon.

The Rose Fest Parade and Time Capsule opening will be Saturday, August 17, 2013. The parade begins downtown at 4:00. When it seems to be winding down, come on up to First Lutheran and join us as we look back in time. It’s also a chance to hear meet friends, hear the old fight song and see what our founders held dear back in 1915. It’s sure to be a good time and we would LOVE to see you there.

Go Vikings, Warriors, and Knights! See you there!

Mary Gates Danielson

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