Veterans support group


The monthly Kenyon Veteran’s Support Group breakfast will be held from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday in the VFW dining room. Attendees may choose from a menu that includes eggs to order, pancakes, toast, bacon, sausage, rolls and coffee. Bloody Marys and mimosas will be available at the bar. The proceeds will be donated to support the Kenyon VFW Post.

K-W basketball

Another season of high school basketball is drawing to a close. Both the K-W boys and girls teams have provided an enjoyable evening of entertainment during the dark winter months. As always there are a few highlights of games that never make the papers or radio.

Many evenings the half time entertainment is watching people pay a dollar to attempt a

half-court shot with the hopes of winning a two-liter bottle of soda pop. The money raised is used to support the After Prom Committee. Most games, the participants are elementary, middle school and high school students, but once in a while there is a preschooler whose dad brings them out to try. The younger people are oftentimes lifted by their dad or possibly Brian Flom to get closer to the rim to make a basket. One game a senior citizen came out to fulfill their bucket list of shooting a basket and possibly win a bottle of pop. Although the first shot was missed and after getting a second opportunity at a closer range the second one fell short. A confidential source told me, the golden ager now has a great appreciation of what it takes to make a basket.

One game a young fan who was sitting in front of us with a bag of popcorn became frustrated when people tried to help themselves to a few pieces of popcorn. In an attempt to discourage the adults from taking popcorn, the young fan proceeded to lick the top layer of popcorn in the bag. The strategy was successful.

During the season there was one evening when I was very impressed by the fans of an opposing team. The Kingsland girls’ team was playing at K-W. As both teams were being introduced there was a continuous sound of clapping. Looking around the gym, I noticed the Kingsland Fans standing and cheering both teams as they were introduced.

When I was in high school fans from both schools stood to respect their opponent as the school songs were played. At most games, it is usually the K-W cheerleaders who lead the singing of the K-W school song. When the Goodhue boys team was here, it was one of the rare occasions to see the visiting fans stand while the K-W song was sung.

Against Goodhue, K-W senior guard, Tate Erlandson, scored his 1,000th career point. The game was stopped to acknowledge Erlandson’s accomplishment. While Knight Fans were excited by this milestone, the Goodhue Fans who joined in the celebration applauding Erlandson.

Last Friday night, Z-M senior forward, Zach Hutton, scored his 1,000th career point early in the game. Understandably, the Cougar Fans cheered loudly when Hutton reached his milestone. The K-W fans also stood and applauded his success.

It was refreshing to see these acts of sportsmanship at high school sporting events. There are times when it seems sportsmanship has been lost in the competition between schools.

Blood Drive results

In response to the critical need for blood plea from the Red Cross, there was a blood drive staged at St. Michael’s Church. Sixty people donated with 62 units of blood collected.

Senior Knowledge Bowl

The Senior High Knowledge Bowl Team participated in their third and final meet Feb.6. The K-W Black team finished the day in 10th place. Both K-W Red and Silver struggled in the second round of the oral competition which caused them to drop in the standings.

Boy Scout Week

Sunday was a day to recognize the boys and young men who are members of the Boy Scouts. Through the Boy Scouts organization, boys have been learning survival skills and developing moral foundations since its inception in 1910.

Locally there have been many volunteers that have provided time for both the Cub and Boy Scout troops by holding meaningful meetings and leading a variety of events. Popular events that the boys participate in are the Pinewood Derby and the Rain Gutter Regatta.

Over the years there have been a number of young men in the Kenyon Area who have become Eagle Scouts, Scouting’s highest award.

Many men of all ages have been part of the Scouting organization as they were growing up. One example of this is in the Lyle Canton home where four Scout shirts hang, Lyle’s and his sons’ Greg, Dan and Rick.

Kevin Anderson is a guest columnist for The Kenyon Leader.

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