Happy birthday this week to Jason Derscheid, Denise Stewart, Brady Wetzstein and Chase Hanson.

Have a great day everybody.

JB and Julie hosted a fish fry get-together last Sunday for a bunch of their friends. Bob, “Triple” Don, and Brennen supplied all of the fish, and they had an assembly line going with Bob preparing the fish, and Donnie frying the fish. Most everyone congregated in the nice warm garage thanks to some heaters.

Julie, Maggie, Jo, Amanda, Cuds and Topher stayed in the house and got the rest of the meal ready. It was a fun time for everyone to get together again, and, yes, there was a football game on later that day which some of the guys watched. Thanks to everyone for bringing all of the good food and preparing the fish. We were missing Rogar and Ricky, but maybe next time they’ll be around.

Sincere sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Laura Nelson. Laura passed away last week, and her funeral was held on Monday, Feb. 15, at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Kenyon. Laura and her family lived in the Moland area for many years, and she was a fun neighbor to all of us. She is survived by her children Laura, Jane, Herman and Scott, and their families, as well as several grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and several siblings. We all have a lot of special memories of Laura. She will be missed by her family.

I met Ron and Krissy at George’s Vineyard in Northfield on Tuesday for some good pizza. I think that’s the first time I’ve been out for pizza in almost a year, so it was so fun and delicious.

Megan Jeseritz performed a solo at her dance studio on Sunday afternoon. Carol provided the Zoom link to the performance, so that’s a nice way to at least see some of these activities that we can’t attend in person. Congratulations, Megan!

Parker Jeseritz also swam in two meets this week…one with White Bear Lake and one with Irondale.

Parker’s Park HS team won both meets. They are really on a roll! Way to go, Parker!

Julie and Maggie stopped out on Friday afternoon and brought me some beautiful roses for Valentine’s Day. It was nice to visit with them, especially since I haven’t seen Maggie for quite awhile. Thanks for the lovely flowers, ladies!

My cousin, Lauren Aase, and others, drove from Texas to northern Minnesota to ice fish at Lake Winnie.

The fishing was a total bust — they only caught a handful of fish the whole week, so they packed up and headed home a couple of days early — back to Texas where the weather was a lot warmer! They’ll be returning the end of May for another trip up to Winnie.

Mike Noble stopped by to see his mom, Faye, for a quick visit on Thursday. Once everyone who wants a vaccine gets a vaccine, we’ll be able to visit our family, friends, and neighbors safely. I think we’re all looking forward to that.

Please remember to feed and water the birds! Stay warm too.

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