Happy birthday wishes to Jason Derscheid, Brady Wetzstein, Grant Klindworth, Shirley Baumgartner, and Deanna Lurken. Have a great birthday, everyone.

My nephew, Brandon Aase, of Las Vegas, is also celebrating his birthday on Feb. 27. Have a great day, Brandon.

On Wednesday, I had lunch with Mary Hjermstad at Area 57 in Wanamingo. It was really fun to get together and catch up. Thanks for calling me, Mary!

Sincere sympathy is extended to the family and friends of April Klinger. April passed away this past weekend at St. Marys Hospital in Rochester. April was the daughter of Milt and Zola Bakken, and she is survived by her three children, as well as her siblings, and several nieces and nephews. It’s really hard to lose a sibling, so my thoughts and prayers are with April’s family at this time.

On Saturday, I helped Krissy watch her two grandsons at their home in Prior Lake. Little Gavin is a busy two-year-old, and if you don’t hear him for a minute or two, you’d better check on him because he’s probably up to something. He is such a sweet little boy, and he even identified me in a couple of pictures I brought up for Brianna, so that melted my heart. Baby Everett couldn’t be a cuter or better baby. He can play by himself for a long time, and it was fun to see how much he’s grown since the last time I saw him. It was great to spend some quality time with those little guys while Brianna and Gavin went to Red Wing. Later Krissy and I had lunch at Holligan’s in Prior Lake.

I really enjoyed Kevin Anderson’s report on the basketball game between Kenyon and Lake City in 1978.

That was one of the most exciting games I’d ever seen as well, even though there were few baskets scored that night. I remember the gym being packed, with folks even sitting in the aisles of the bleachers. It sure would have been sweet if Kenyon could have upset the Tigers that night, but it was not meant to be.

Again, between the bitter cold weather of the last two weeks, and the pandemic, people are sticking pretty close to home unless they absolutely have to go out. At least the temperatures are warming up for the upcoming week, so everyone is looking forward to that.

Please remember to feed and water the birds.

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