Happy Birthday wishes to Keith Derscheid this week. I hope you have a great birthday, Keith. Also a special Happy Birthday to my niece, Karyn Jeseritz, who celebrated her birthday on Feb. 8.

Julie and Maggie Broin attended the visitation and funeral for Ervin Holland at St. Casimir’s Catholic Church in Wells Tuesday, Jan. 28. Ervin is the father of Amanda Hollund, a good friend of Julie and Maggie. God Bless Amanda’s family at this time.

On Friday night, Mary Hjermstad was honored on her 65th birthday at JBs in Wanamingo. Julie Broin, Shirley Woodward, Pat Schreiber and myself, along with Mary’s sons, Danny and Jared and other friends and neighbors helped Mary celebrate. Happy Birthday, Mary! Make it a great year!

Lynn, Mason and Megan Koehler were Sunday visitors of Faye Noble. The kids helped Faye with some chores that needed to be done, filled the bird feeders, and put away all the Christmas decorations, so a lot of good things got done for Faye today.

On Saturday, Gail, Annette, Karen and I enjoyed a “game day” at Helen’s house. We had a good time, as always, and lots of laughs looking at old pictures of our adventures and escapades over the years! It’s hard to believe we were ever that young!

Thanks to Pastor Jim Rushton for leading us in Worship and Holy Communion last Sunday. His wife, Janine, also played the liturgy and hymns for us on the piano, which was very nice. Due to the snowstorm on Feb. 9, Moland’s Annual Meeting is moved to Sunday, Feb. 23, at 10 a.m. We will have a short worship service, followed by the annual meeting and a potluck. Please bring a dish to share. Reminder that all of Moland’s Church Services are at 10 a.m.

Chuck, Harris, Julie, JB and I met at the Kenyon Bar and Grill on Tuesday for a quick visit. Chuck and Harris went to the boys basketball game to get a look at this year’s team.

Arlene Sanborn Nelson passed away last week in Owatonna. Arlene graduated from Kenyon High School in 1952 and lived and worked in Owatonna all of her life. Arlene’s sister, Shirley Lee, was a good friend of mine, so I met Arlene on a couple of occasions. She was the proud author of the Book “Crackers and Milk.” Arlene’s funeral was held on Saturday, Feb. 1 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Owatonna.

Ike (Potato Ike) Meberg passed away at his home in Park Rapids, ND. Ike would stop in Kenyon and Dennison whenever he visited Nate Maring. He and Nate were college buddies at NDSU and apparently Ike used to read the Moland News to the guys in the dorm. So it was no surprise that when we met Ike years ago, he said with a smirk, “Oh, I know you girls. I read about you in the paper each week.” Ike was quite a character and got a kick out of having his name in the Moland News a few times. He will be missed by his family and friends. Everyone knew that when Ike was around “A good time was had by all.”

On Saturday, Krissy, Bob and I visited with David, Lauren, Henry, Calvin, and baby Otto at their home in Edina. Otto couldn’t be cuter, and we’re thinking he looks a lot like Lauren. We had fun holding him, and also playing with Henry and Calvin, who love their new little brother.

Please remember to feed and water the birds.

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