Greetings, everyone. I wanted you to know about some of the news here in St. Paul.

Democrats and comprehensive sex education

I serve on the Education Policy Committee of the Minnesota House of Representatives. In this committee we hear about all kinds of proposals that will influence how our schools operate. This week we heard HF 358. This bill, authored by Democrats, would mandate comprehensive sex education in schools across Minnesota from kindergarten through grade 12.

I find this bill to be reprehensible. The idea that schools would introduce comprehensive sex education to innocent kindergarteners is awful.

We know parents have always been the individuals best equipped to raise their children. For some unknown reason, Democrats do not trust parents to raise their children in a responsible way. I intent to stand against this bill when it comes to the floor of the Minnesota House.

We should not let government and sanctimonious politicians dictate values to our families. The beauty of America is we get to choose our values and live by those values. Unfortunately, the Democrats seemingly do not care about this freedom. Instead, they demand that everyone conform to their worldview.

For more information about HF 358, please see the following article:

Reopening schools

On Thursday, Republicans made a motion to bring forward a bill that would reopen schools. We debated this motion and took a vote. I am proud to say that I voted to bring the motion forward because I believe our schools should be reopened.

Gov. Walz has done many extremely terrible things throughout the course of this pandemic. However, the Governor’s self-righteous refusal to help our students during these times is among the most egregious things he has done.

We are approaching a full year of school closures due to the Governor’s oppressive executive orders. Throughout this pandemic, our children have suffered in silence.

I hear from constituents across my district who describe how their children are suffering because of these closures. Student athletes have been prevented from playing sports, friends have been separated from one another, and students are stuck staring at a computer screen for hours.

Many students have fallen behind, lost hope, and do not know what to do. Yet Gov. Walz does nothing.

We need our kids back in school, and I will continue to vote to make that happen. Unfortunately, the Democrats have a majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives, and they voted down the motion.

Steve Drazkowski represents District 21B in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Reach him at 651-296-2273 or

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