To the Editor:

A year ago Olmsted County took a $2 million loss when MnDOT officially killed zip rail, so why won't it stay dead?

The new promoters say they can build it with private money. A few months back they were saying a "Mr. Wong" in China would invest $1 billion, but it appears that Mr. Wong has "disappeared."

Among the many funny elements of this pipe dream are that it would run entirely down the median of Highway 52, elevated to fly over all crossroads. And the biggest laffer is that the investment would be covered by passenger fares and "high valued" freight like "medical samples."

As Chairman Steve Drazkowski has said, legislation will be presented to the next session of the Legislature to close the door on any MnDOT participation in this scheme.

So signs saying "NO ZOMBIE ZIP RAIL" keep springing up because no one in Goodhue County supports it, and even letter-to-the-editor writers in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune sound dubious. 

Doug Jones

Wheeling Township

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