To the editor:

ZIP RAIL is a proposed the 100 Mile long Passenger Rail Line from the Twin Cities to Rochester- no stops-Yes- I said, no stops! This electric Zip Rail will travel between 165 to 220 miles an hour, in a 400 feet wide closed corridor. A closed corridor mean there will be fences to keep everything out, no East and West road crossing, or no animal crossing. This propose Zip Rail is to be built near Highway 52 or Highway 56. The Rail corridors and the 3 to 5 overpasses − for the 100 mile railroad − will remove over 3,600 acres permanently from production, a loss of $4,520,000 from Minnesota Economy each year.

Do an experiment. Look out your window to the road, right in the middle of the road is a high fence and then a railroad track beyond. A train going 165 Mile MPH travels down the track. WOW! The train riders will get to their destinations in 45 minute. Now you need to get your mall from the box on the other side of the road. Get in your car and drive to the nearest overpass — probable 10 to 20 miles away — cross the Zip Rail overpass and drive back to your mailbox for the mail. Isn't this a great idea for Central Minnesota? How long did it take you to get home with your mail? How much extra money did it cost you?

All the east and west roads in Dakota, Goodhue, Dodge and Olmsted Counties will be cut, where there will no At-Grade roads at all. Farming operation will have extra miles to move equipment to fields, Emergency, and Law Enforcement Services will have longer response times. Cities and businesses will have fewer customers. Churches and communities will be divided. School districts will be eliminated or have long bus rides for students. Wild animals will not be able to cross the Zip Rail corridors. The quality of life for everyone in Minnesota will be effected by this railroad.

Minnesotans like to travel. We want to go to Red Wing, Mankato, the State Parks, or go fishing in the small lakes. We — Minnesotans- need to stop the zip rail from being built. Call or write your elected officials let them know this Zip Rail is not a good idea. Sign the petitions No Zip Rail Some information from 2015 MN State Rail Plan.

N. Monroe

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