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Though this school year has been a struggle for many, staff focused primarily on bravery and taking care of one another. Next school year, staff will also continue to focus on the social and emotional learning with students. (Michelle Vlasak/southernminn.com)

The Kenyon-Wanamingo schools staff have taken part in a Quality Compensation, a state Department of Education pay for performance program, since 2016. {/span}

Q-Comp Coordinator Laura McAnally presented an end of the year report to the K-W School Board at its May meeting and said the program is going well, despite some hiccups brought on by the pandemic.

Though the year has been a struggle, McAnally said staff focused on taking care of one another.

Enacted by the Minnesota State Legislature in 2005 as a voluntary state grant program, the intent of Q-Comp is to find additional ways for teachers to earn more beyond taking traditional college courses, and to reinforce quality, relevant and applicable professional development, as well as to support teachers in leadership roles.

It also serves as a way to financially reward teachers for hard work, and be a way for the district to attract and retain teachers.

Since the district is no longer in the midst of a pandemic, McAnally said it’s time to get back to offering optimal educational opportunities for students. Teachers will continue to focus on the social and emotional learning with students, something McAnally said became a highlight for staff this school year.

McAnally said Q-Comp has not only been a great partnership between teachers, but also between the state and local school board members. A number of staff are involved in the teacher-led program. Though they do get input from administration, about one third of the district’s staff serve a leadership role in the program.

Leaders are as follows:

Q-Comp Coordinator: Laura McAnally

PLC (Professional Learning Community) Coordinators: Jan Strand and Heidi Hanson

Peer Review Coordinators: Katie Benbrooks and Jeff Wibben

Mentor Coordinator: Cheryl Dahl

PLC Leaders: Tanya Short, Renee Hildebrandt, Jena LeTourneau, Jan Strand, Heidi Hanson, Nicole Boyum, Blair Reynolds, Rebecca Kunesh, Carrie Groth and Steph Schumacher

New teacher mentors: Kaitlyn Guzek, Rachel Cline, Ashley Rowher, Andrea Duron and Heidi Hanson

Peer reviewers: 16 staff members

Superintendent Bryan Boysen said the PLC meetings are vital to the success of teachers, and having them get together at least once a month regularly is the right step for the district.

“We have some pretty exceptional leaders with the ability to mentor and help us move forward with our leaders,” added Boysen.

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